Transform your home with strategically placed french doors. From bringing in a lot of natural light to being able to walk straight out into your garden from you bedroom can be very impressive. Check out the article below which first appeared in to see what a difference french doors can make to a room!

“A home that really stands out is a home that boasts some good architectural additions. You notice the built-in cabinets in older houses. You acknowledge the crown moulding in a newly finished dining room. You smile at the dutch door on the laundry room of that new home you’re looking at. Before you hang a picture or paint a wall, these elements are what give a house it’s personality. But some homes don’t come with that personality. Some homes are from cookie cutter models with the same basic floor plan and basic elements. You know, four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a formal living room and no front porch to speak of. When you’re living in a cookie cutter home, you need to add your own personality to make your house come alive. One of the easiest ways to do that is to replace a door or two. That’s right, replace your boring office door with a french door and bring your office space some personality. Or maybe put french doors on your back door entry. Check out these 12 ways to upgrade your home with french doors and find your next weekend project.


Let’s talk exterior doors. If you have a back door that leads to a living space like the kitchen or dining room, it will definitely help you if you make those french doors. All those glass panes will let in such sunshine into your living area which will make the whole family happier. So it’s a win for everyone…”

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