Microwaves. You either love them or hate them! If you are a fan of the microwave then where you put it when you are designing a new kitchen is very important. There are some ingenious ways to subtly integrate it into your kitchen. This article below first appeared in victoriaelizabethbarnes.com will give you some very interesting suggestion about how to achieve this.


“I am BAFFLED that I must have a regular oven AND a microwave oven.

How is it that humanity has invented APPS… but is too stupid to combine two HOUSEHOLD BOXES OF CONVENIENCE?

Who is deciding the priorities of the human race?

Short of the OBVIOUS AND SUPERIOR CONVENIENCE of combining two boxes used for heating squash; I guess we’ll just get a panel-ready microwave… I can live with that.

They don’t make those.

Amazing! Is this still 1982?!

(advance apologies to the people who are all— YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW GREAT A TRASH COMPACTOR IS.)


Then I spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out how we could conceal a drawer-microwave with some kind of faux-panel… if you figured it out, let me know?

Although, I don’t actually WANT a drawer microwave… all the reviews are great and people seem to love them. EXCEPT for reheating liquid. (The opening and closing of the drawer/action, you can imagine is sort of slosh-y?)

And the thing for which we use the microwave MOST is Paul’s coffee routine.

He likes it BOILING hot… but he goes out to the garage or wherever, forgets about it, and when he comes back in, he needs to reheat it to 900 degrees.

He does this at least 12 times every Saturday morning.

I’ve suggested other systems, but this is the only one he will consider…”


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