California style is always a popular look for todays modern homes. Giving a bright, airy  and spacious feel you can transform your home to a sophisticated haven! Be inspired by this beautiful home below. This article first appeared in coco kelley.

“One question I get asked a lot in interviews is how I describe my style. Growing up in LA and Seattle, I always say that I have a west coast aesthetic, through and through. Less decorated, more casual, lots of organic textures… you get the picture. However, it’s really hard to nail down one or two words to describe my style, let alone any home these days.

However. If I were to show you a home that fully embraced my current look? It might be somewhere along the lines of this California style house tour that I’m bringing you today…


What words immediately come to mind when you step into a space like this? Organic. Modern. Maybe even a little farmhouse/cottage vibe coming from the exposed beams? If you keep touring, you’ll see bits of what we refer to as Global or Boho, both terms I don’t really love because I feel like it’s really just words that describe great textile hoarding abilities (ha!).

Modern bohemian? Bungalow Chic? Organic Modern? Whatever it is, it’s me.

The hallmark of this style is lots of white with organic textures – wood, leather, woven baskets, deliciously worn vintage rugs – paired with simplified lines, preferably in a space with lots of character. Sounds about right to me!

As for this kitchen, I love that they kept things real by having allllll the appliances (and TV!) out on the counter. Oh, and it’s gorgeous. I wonder how white floors would fare with my cooking? I think the abundance of rugs in the space helps break it up visually but also probably helps cut down on dirt tracking everywhere!



I imagine this little seating nook just off the kitchen is the perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee. It’s so lovely! Not sure about the location of the bathroom (seems a bit odd, yes?) but the styling is right up my alley. Love all that tile…”

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