Covered porches create great kerb appeal and can also add value to your property. Having a welcoming unique entrance to you home can be stunning. Styling it can be great fun and with all the fantastic department stores, online shopping and specialist interior design stores there are today the choice is endless! This article below which first appeared in gives amazing ideas you can emulate yourself!

“Covered porches are a luxury for several reasons. One, if you have a covered porch, you likely live on a piece of land because a porch needs the space to accommodate it. Two, if you have a covered porch, you likely have even a small corner for a chair, perfect for morning coffee and evening reading. Three, if you have a covered porch, your decorating opportunity immediately extends beyond your front door. Yes, covered porches aren’t only for the iced tea sipping southerners. They come in all shapes and sizes and give us a space to entertain beyond the four walls of our home. Just like you decorate your living room for guests, why wouldn’t you create a beautiful porch to welcome friends, neighbours and anyone else who needs to sit a spell? Take a look at these 40 ways to style your covered porch, whether it’s big, small or someplace in between.

Small Porches

When you’re thinking about designing your small porch, you want to start at the base level. Before you pick a flower pot or a decorative garden gnome, it’s important to look at the porch’s details. How are the sconces? Does the ceiling have a coat of beadboard and does it need it? What color would look best on the front door? The bottom layer should be your first priority.

Every home needs house numbers someplace on its front. Sure you could opt for the classic versions you find at any ol’ hardware store… or you could give your numbers a bang by choosing something big and bold. When you have to have it, you might as well give it character.

Most porches have some kind of lighting because who wants to come home to a dark doorway? Nobody. Rather than living with the builder grade sconce that your porch probably had when you moved in, consider upgrading to something more stylish and unique. Even an inexpensive one will give your little covered porch a whole new look.


Some small porches have railings, usually in the classic spindle style. But these days, railings can be anything but classic. Opt for a railing that is patterned and popping instead of basic and lined. No matter what you put on your porch after that, it will look amazing through that grid.

Now we get to talk about the fun part of styling because pots and plants are really what we want to think about. Find two planters and fill them with the largest ferns you can find. These bushy plants will love your shady covered porch and fill your space effortlessly during the warm summer months.

Ferns aren’t the only bushy leafy greens that compliment a small porch. Galvanized buckets with trees planted in them will make your covered porch impossibly farmhouse looking. Hopefully you picked a good color for your front door because those trees are gonna make everybody look.”

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